The Inert Project


INERTPROJECTis an encounter between Raffaele Cileo (electronics & programming) and Alessio Lottero (guitars, bass & keyboards).The two musicians share the passion for the soundtracks of Crime, Horror and Thriller movies .
In summer 2012, Beppe Massara, music producer and Tarock Records A & R, decides to produce the whole first album of Inertproject, result of the studio experiments and massive exchange of audio files of those years: “Heartburn“.
The original electronic rhythmic parts are re-recorded by Apulian musicians who are for a long time collaborators at Tarock Records: Paolo Ormas, Constantino Massaro and Francesco Dettole. All the acoustical drums of the disk are recorded in the studio, while the saxophone sections are performed by Marco Nicolini, from Genoa.
Tarock Records publishes the album on September 30th 2013, and “Heartburn” is released on all the most important online platforms. The first single, Police Radio, is proposed by some national radios and gets good reviews, and excellent write-ups in the most important music magazines.
The tracks are all instrumental, and the sound is a mix of noise, industrial, funk and blues music, inspired by the Crossover sonority of the Nineties and the soundtracks of Police and Crime series. The dark atmospheres make way for groovy percussive rhythms; low-fi fragmentary sounds trail away between complex guitars and cracking drums; bluesy melodies alternate with distorted licks and Seventies wah wah riffs. All this creates epic and intensive moments which lead to more ethereal harmonies.
The music of “Heartburn“ is a journey between past sonorous memories which becomes on his part an original soundtrack of atmospheres and future stories.
At the end of 2014, the second album of the duo arises: The New York Sessions. A 4 track EP, fully recorded, mixed and mastered at Bass Hit Studios in Manhattan. The production of the album is entrusted to the Italian musician and composer Simone Giuliani, who is working since many years in the US. Giuliani takes also care about the arrangements. In this case the work relocates notably from the dark funk lines of “Heartburn“ to electro-acoustic sounds, never tested before by the band, in a sort of rough and minimal folk.
The drums of the first works vanish and give space to nervous electronic rhythmics. Steel strings guitars and dobros become protagonists. It happens that the tracks of the New York Sessions find the way to some documentary films of the Swiss television channel “NZZ Format“ in Zurich. An opportunity to popularize the music of Inertproject in the world of TV and soundtracks for films.
The third work is still in the mix phase.
The Hog’s Revenge“: That’s the title of the new 3 track EP which continues in a way the electro acoustical progress of the preceding albums and partially the distressed nights of „Heartburn“. The work is sort of a reverence to the dark and sober atmospheres.
This time the material is gonna be arranged and mixed independently. The first self produced album by InertProject at Rotornoise Soundtracks studio in florence where they live actually.

Alessio Lotteroguitars, bass, keyboards, arrangements

Raffaele Cileo – electronics, programming, arrangements


Luca Marzili – drums
Marco Nicolinisax

Giacomo Villani – doublebass, fretless electric bass

Simone Dellisanti – electric bass

Manuel Concettini – trumpet